Fire sale!

So, I really can’t do this hobby and be serious about my real horses. There’s a lot of money sitting in my spare room which should be invested into a new horse float, and used to help pay off my resent vet bill.

In light of this epiphany, a good 80% of my collection is for sale. Below is my first sales list that I am circulating. A lot of this really breaks my heart to sell, but I need the money at the moment.

Listed in NZ dollars, I take Paypal Credit Card or if you’re from NZ direct debit. I can obtain quotes for shipping, however this will take time, so please be aware of that. Email me: if you are interested in anything. Happy to combine shipping (obviously!).

One day I will be back!

Customised Hanoverian Breyer – Base coat done, nothing else. $45
Hanoverian body – prep work started. $20
Customised (but unfinished) little bit Breyer to horse doing flying change – $25
Millennium Tango Artist Resin – Painted by airbrush + pastels by Odele Dunn – $80 (stablemate scale)
Meridian resin – painter unknown – $85 (stablemate scale)
Palomar Elite – customised mane. Broken tail. Base coat. – $180
Jewel resin painted by Katrina Michaels (diamond dream stables) – Large Stablemate scale – $250
Gotta Love That Jig – Friesian Breyer customised to half-passing Friesian $70
for $90 will sell with white double bridle and Breyer dressage saddle.
Stablemate jumping horse with stablemate tack – $55
Customised G3 stablemate to have real hair plaits and tail. Live show winner – $85
Breyer customised traditional andalusian paint job only, airbrush. Old break in leg, only just visible as tiny crack. $45
Peter Stone Thoroughbred “Midas Touch”. Shown under the name “Mida Known”. Factory Finish. $100.
Stablemate tack set + model of vienna riding school tack set. $90
Tenorio resin – $400
Breyerfest special “Riesling” – $80
Customised Breyer Classic Warmblood – $30
Customised Breyer Traditional Lady Phase – $45

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It’s not the silent treatment!

So I’ve not said anything in a while… um… basically because I’ve not done anything! Life is INSANE, and with summer coming up soon I’m pretty keen to get the real horses working. They’re coming into work right now, nicely, but I’ve taken the sign that the rubbish weather at the moment means I need to clean up all the unfinished business in the studio…A twist on the old “make hay while the sun shines” – “finish models while the skys weep”. That’s perhaps a little dramatic. BUT the grass is growing and spring is here! SO happy!

Anyway, what’s happening in the studio?

Mr Flying Change:

He’s really coming along, slowly, and I’m pretty happy. Once the latest stuff dries I’ll do some sanding, then add the plaits. After that I guess I better man up and do the tail!!

Mr Belgian Dude

So, doing dapples in oils is a WHOLE lot harder then doing them in pastels!! Not to mention I think I’m struggling with getting the colours as soft as I can in pastels… so I’m going to stop oils now and go pastels with this guy from now on… I know from doing this before that it doesn’t necessarily stuff them up completely. So watch this space.

Bowing Andy

So far the oils aren’t annoying me too much on this guy, but like I said… I worry about the colours and softness… I don’t know why! So onto pastels here too…

What else is in the pipeline?

  • Commissions – almost prepped. Just having issues with my spray on gesso…
  • Strapless Repaint
  • CM hanoverian
  • Palomar Elite
  • I’m getting the airbrush out!!

So check back!

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Model X 2011, over and out!

Kathleen and I had a stand at Model X this weekend to promote NZLive and the model horse hobby. I think it went very well. We had a lot of interest, a lot of positive comments, and managed to (mostly) keep little fingers off the models. I even got some models half prepped (shocking, I know!) and we tidied and got home just as dusk settled. Yeap, it was a busy but good weekend.

I’m exhausted, but wanted to share some photos of our stand!

You can also download a copy of the brochure I made here:

collecting brochure_LR

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More Results – Knox City Live

The same five that went to Mini Mania also traveled along to Knox City, with some pretty little results to bring home.

Holy Smoke
3rd in Grey (unknown amount of entrants)

Lonely Sunset
5th in Dilute (unknown amount of entrants)

Heavily Broken
5th Other Broken Colour (Unknown amount of entrants)

These were against big models, not just mini’s, so I’m pretty chuffed with the results – especially Holy Smoke and Lonely Sunset which I painted myself. Lonely Sunset is for sale on my for sale page, take a look.

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Mini Mania Live Results

I sent a small team of five over to compete in Mini Mania Live and Knox City Live, just to get some exposure for them as well as some DUN cards, and also to get some exposure for me.

Thought I’d share some results.

Lonely Sunset
6th out of 8 Buckskin CM

Lonely Sacrifice
2nd out of 4 – Other Colour AR (DUN Qualified)
3rd out of 3 – Other Breed AR

Holy Smoke
4th out of 5 CM Warmblood

Heavily Broken
6th of 15 CM Pinto
1st of 3 CM Sporthorse (DUN Qualified)

Masked Phantom
3rd out of 3 Paint CM

Will be interesting to see what Knox City Live brings!

And, strangely enough… I feel myself drawn back to pastels! Oh no why now!

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Tempi changes?

So I’ve started refining the silhouette of Mr Flying Change. The neck is finally starting to get there – of course more work to be done!

The leg has had resculpting, and more needs to be done on the leg I didn’t cut off. I’m also thinking the ears need to come off – any thoughts on that? I’ve not even started thinking about the tail!! It will be braided, and banged nice and straight, but horses swish tails during flying changes so I need to address that.

I think I’ll need more rubbing oil!

If anyone knows anyone in New Zealand that sells Apoxie Sculpt at reasonable price? Prefer online so I don’t have to drive anywhere.

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Flying changes


So he’s starting to take shape! Three pieces are one again 🙂 building his neck up and the resculpting the legs. Then we have tail and mane and I’ll tidy up his face 🙂

I’m loving it.

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